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Epson P-4000 firmware updated  
Monday, January 2, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

Epson recently released a firmware update for the P-4000 Multimedia Storage Viewer. The release notes indicate the following changes in v04.51 of the firmware for the 80GB portable storage device:

  1. The new firmware provides support for 2GB SD memory cards.

  2. Corrects a rotation issue that prevents JPEG images taken on PENTAX *ist D digital cameras from being rotated more than once. The rotation issue may also occur on other digital cameras that store large amounts of data (i.e. image thumbnail and other proprietary information) in the file header, such as the PENTAX *ist DL and Canon EOS 10D.

  3. When sending a print job with a selected paper size that is not supported by the attached printer, the viewer will prompt the user to select a supported paper size.

  4. Fixes an issue that occurs when the total replay time on an ASF movie file is displayed. When the seconds segment is set to zero (:00), the hour segment would be displayed incorrectly. The hour segment now displays correctly.

Version 04.51 is a free download from the Epson web site.

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