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Adobe releases Camera Raw 4.4, Photoshop Lightroom 1.4  
Thursday, March 13, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
Adobe has released v4.4 of Camera Raw, its RAW conversion plug-in for Photoshop CS3, as well as Photoshop Lightroom 1.4. New in both is support for the RAW files from nine additional cameras, including the Canon EOS Rebel XSi/450D and Nikon D60 plus a correction for poor results when choosing extreme temperature and tint settings. Also on the list of changes is compatibility with older printer drivers in the Mac version of Photoshop Lightroom when run in OS X 10.5 and later.

Camera Raw 4.4 and Photoshop Lightroom 1.4 are free updates for licensed users. More information is in the Photoshop Lightroom 1.4 Read Me and Photoshop Camera Raw 4.4 Read Me. Follow a link below to download:
Update, March 16, 2008: Adobe has pulled the Lightroom 1.4 updaters from its website after several RAW file handling bugs were found, says Adobe's Tom Hogarty in a post on the Lightroom Journal blog (see the blog entry for a detailed description of the problems). While Camera Raw 4.4 is affected as well, the plug-in downloads have not been removed at this time, though Hogarty recommends reverting to Camera Raw 4.3.1 on both Mac and Windows until Adobe corrects the errors and releases new versions of both Lightroom and Camera Raw.
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