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Bibble v1.08 posted  
Tuesday, July 4, 2000 | by
Bibble v1.08a, the Windows version of Eric Hyman's browser for the D1 .NEF file format, includes an improved noise filter, a fix for errant pixels that sometimes appear in dark areas, separate controls over highlight and shadow clipping and more.

V1.08a changes include:

  • D1 shooting (EXIF) data is imported into the Caption field in Photoshop's File Info when a D1 photo is processed through Bibble's Photoshop plug-in.

  • Highlight and shadow clipping points can now be entered separately, making it possible to hang onto more shadow detail.

  • The noise removal filter has been overhauled.

  • The .NEF decoder has been tweaked to minimize the number of errant pixels appearing in deep shadow areas.

  • A browser button has been added to the toolbar.

  • The ProPhoto RGB and Bruce RGB colour spaces have been added. The default colour space has been changed to Adobe RGB.

  • The Adobe RGB colour space is now used in the magenta fix routine for JPEGs.

  • Several image adjustment shortcut keys combinations are now the same as Photoshop. In addition, Ctrl-Alt-0 will zoom the image to 100% magnification.

Crashing problems related to the browsing of TIFF files prompted the removal of this function temporarily, though it's still possible to load TIFF files one at a time.

Bibble v1.08a is available in a trial version, and is US$75 to register.

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