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Monday, December 30, 2002 | by
Photo Story, a slide show generator with pan and zoom capabilities, is one of the components of Plus Digital Media Edition, a US$20 add-on for Windows XP that is slated for release January 7, 2003 (SuperSite for Windows provides an overview of all the components); Virtual PC 6.0 for Mac offers up to 25% faster Windows emulation performance under Mac OS X 10.2.3; Transmit 2.2 fixes several bugs and tweaks some features in the Mac OS X FTP client application; PDN notes the release of the DCS Pro Back Field Guide; NEWSFACTOR reports that notebooks are taking an increasing share - up to 25 per cent - of the overall PC market; German web site includes links to 1500 photographers, picture agencies and other photography resources; Rangefinder Magazine profiles Gregory Heisler; MSNBC's Year in Pictures 2002 and CAMERA.WORKS Best of Post 2002 showcase some of the finest photojournalism of the past year; Digital Photography Review examines the Canon EOS-1Ds; PC World says we may see 27GB DVD discs in 2003; Picasa for Windows is a US$30 image management application that sports an interface similar to Apple's iPhoto; Sebastien Pennings notes that Mamiya is offering a free CD of information on photography and digital for prospective purchasers of a pro-level camera (US residents only); the Northern Short Course 2002 photo contest deadline is February 7, 2003 (winners will be announced at Northern Short Course 2003, which runs March 13-15, 2003 in Jersey City, NJ); winning photographs from the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar 2002 contest are now posted; the US$50 PhotoKit provides 129 "analog effects for Photoshop," including the simulation of film grain in digital camera photos; Dry Creek Photo's Frontier/Noritsu Profile Database includes profiles for hundreds of lab-based Fujifilm and Noritsu digital printers worldwide; Editorial Photography is looking for participants for its Worldwide Photojournalism Project; Optipix 1.1 for Mac and Windows versions of Photoshop adds two new noise reduction filters to the suite of powerful image adjustment plug-ins; the ScotteVest enables even the most gadget-crazy photographer to tote and manage a range of electronic devices; Nikon.Net's Master Series features Chip Simons, a photographer who describes himself as "...a comedian trying to make a living with a camera...".
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