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ShutterSnitch v2.1.4 adds background receiving, conditional Actions  
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
ShutterSnitch 2.1.4 for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, a great app for receiving pictures from a wireless camera, adds one of our most long-desired capabilities: receiving photos in the background. It also gains the ability for an Action to be applied only when a certain condition - such as camera model - is met, improves IPTC metadata support and displays photos on an external monitor at a resolution that matches the monitor (up to the resolution limit supported by the iOS device).

When it's not the foreground app, ShutterSnitch will continue to take in photos continuously for about nine minutes, or just short of the 10-minute limit imposed by Apple. Developer Brian Gerfort warns that if the iOS determines that a foreground or other app needs memory, it can unceremoniously end ShutterSnitch's receiving of photos in the background. That said, we've been trying out this feature for weeks in a beta of v2.1.4, switching to Mail, Safari, iMovie and more, and have not seen a single instance of ShutterSnitch getting killed off by the iOS while it's running in the background, at least not before the 10-minute limit was reached. Pictures have continued to flow in without interruption. This has been on an iPad 2, which has more RAM than most other iOS devices, so your experience might be different on, for instance, an original iPad.

If you've given ShutterSnitch a pass because you have no need to receive pictures wirelessly, but you do use an iOS device to pump slideshows to an external display, version 2.1.4 is definitely worth checking out.  Now, slideshows displayed on up to a 1900 x 1200 pixel monitor look crisp and clear, at least when the device is an iPad 2 and the connection to the monitor is via Apple's Digital AV Adapter. With this new release of ShutterSnitch, it has become the best app we've seen for running slideshows from an iOS device, thanks to its combination of sorting options, transitions and image clarity.

The full list of stated changes in v2.1.4 is below.

Press Release

What's New in Version 2.1.4
Better multitasking support. (See the settings)
It's now possible to use the Transmit "mount as disk" feature with the active collection folder.
The thumbnails in the collection overview now represents the last viewed photo. If you like the old way, you can turn off "Thumbnail is current photo" in the settings.
Stretching a collection thumbnail with 2 fingers will now let you peek into the collection and see a little size info on it.
The histogram now pops more to the side, obscuring the photo less.
IPTC metadata writing supported for the current basic fields.
Added a setting to start browsing from the first photo every time you enter a collection.
Actions are now saved inside "tasks" so you can have multiple presets to switch between.
Failed actions will now be added to a queue that can be run again / at a later time.
Actions are now available from the export/selection screen.
Invert-selection button added to the export/selection screen.
Images displayed on an external screen now matches its resolution (old max size was 1280 pixels).
Added a "Move to collection" action.
Added a "Condition" action that'll let you set up conditional actions.
ShutterSnitch Backup and FTP transfers from the device have been optimized to use much less memory.
Added a "None" option to the slideshow transitions.
Bug fixes

 ShutterSnitch 2.1.4 is a free update for licensed users of an earlier ShutterSnitch 2.x release, and is available through the iTunes App Store on your computer or the App Store on your iOS device.
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