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Canon EOS-D30 mid-range digital SLR announced  
Wednesday, May 17, 2000 | by
With an expected ship date of September 2000, the 3.25 megapixel Canon EOS-D30 digital SLR, targeted at advanced amateurs, could be an appealing digital camera for smaller market newspapers that have found the price of the Canon EOS D2000, or even the Nikon D1, to be a budgetary stretch.

D30 major features include an ISO range of 100-1600, an approx. 3 frames/second shooting rate (for a total of 8 frames when the file format selected is best-quality JPEGs), compatibility with E-TTL strobes like the 550EX, 1.6x lens magnification, 8.9MB final image and a suggested list price of US$3,500 (updated - see Canon USA's press release).

Canon has been able to pack a fairly rich feature set into a camera that should sell for less than 3000 dollars by using a less expensive CMOS image sensor in place of the CCD found in most digital SLR cameras to date. CMOS sensors are not normally associated with good image quality, and are typically found in devices like $150 webcams. It remains to be seen whether Canon has been able to tune the D30's large CMOS chip to deliver good-looking photos. Also in question is whether the camera is rugged enough for pro use. All in all, however, the D30 looks poised to capably fill a gap between amateur point-and-shoot digital cameras and full-fledged pro digital SLRs.

Canon's BeBit website has a complete list of specifications and photos of the camera itself (no photos shot with the camera are available yet). Phil Askey's Digital Photography Review website also has an overview of the camera, with shots of the menus on the LCD and an extended narrative about its features.

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