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Hasselblad releases Phocus 2.6.6 (Mac) & Phocus Mobile 2.0  
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 | by Eamon Hickey
Hasselblad has released Phocus 2.6.6 for Mac and Phocus Mobile 2.0, updates to the company's raw conversion software and companion wireless camera control and image display app for iOS devices. (Press release here.)

These updates allow any number of iOS devices running Phocus Mobile 2.0 to simultaneously connect to a Mac running Phocus 2.6.6, meaning multiple iPad (or iPhone/iPod Touch) users -- a photographer, art director, stylist, and client, for example -- can simultaneously display images as they are captured by a tethered Hasselblad camera. 

Other additions to Phocus Mobile 2.0 include 100% zoom in the image browser, GPS tagging, and folder access control.  

Phocus for Mac supports raw files not only from Hasselblad cameras but also from more than 150 other cameras, including most DSLRs -- the application leverages the raw format support built in to the Mac OS, so it shares the same compatibility list.

Earlier versions of Phocus are available for Windows, and they do support earlier versions of Phocus Mobile. Hasselblad's press release does not say whether a version for Windows that supports unlimited iOS devices simultaneously is coming, but in the past some new features that have appeared first in Phocus for Mac have later been incorporated in Phocus for Windows. 

Both Phocus and Phocus Mobile are free. Phocus can be downloaded from the Hasselblad web site (registration required), and Phocus Mobile is available from the Apple App Store

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