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Photosmith for iPad updated to v1.04  
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Photosmith v1.04, an update of the app for Apple's iPad that allows sorting, rating, captioning and keywording of pictures on the go, and then later syncing those pictures and metadata to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, is now available from the iTunes App Store. The new version is comprised of mostly fixes for bugs, plus improved RAW+JPEG handling and support for the RAW files from more cameras.

The full list of stated changes is below.

Press Release

The 1.04 update is comprised mostly of bug fixes and enhanced support for other RAW files. Enhanced/better support for different cameras and bug fixes were the key updates, setting a better foundation for additional features to be added.

– Image processing –
* Enhanced RAW support for ARW, PEF, DNG, ORF, and RW2
* Enhanced support for RAW+JPG
* Extended list of image types that are synced to Lightroom
* Memory optimization for reading EXIF information from JPGs
* Added monitoring for background updates to Photos App, for Eye-Fi native app support
* Fixed bug where thumbnails not properly regenerated after an app update

– Startup –
* Initial image processing speed much faster
* Re-enabled fast app switching

– LR Sync –
* Fixed bug where number of images changed since last sync was incorrect
* Fixed bug where sync screen wouldn’t reset if there was an error or timeout during the sync process
* Updated sync process so that handling of all fields, particularly cleared fields, is more robust
* Added port setting in User Setting for TCP transmissions
* Large RAW files are now sent in smaller parts (requires 1.0.8+ plugin)

– Filter & Sort –
* Added selectable sort order and sort fields: Capture Time, Import Time, Rating, Label, or Reject Flag

– Grid View –
* Improved thumbnails scrolling speed

– Loupe View –
* Added copyright field to EXIF/IPTC list

– Send To –
* Fixed bug that caused crash with Flickr account with no sets

Accompanying the new release of Photosmith is an update, to v1.0.8, of the companion Lightroom plug-in for Mac and Windows.

Photosmith v1.04 is available from the iTunes App Store on your computer, or through the App Store on the iPad and iPad 2. Photosmith's Lightroom v1.0.8 plug-in can be downloaded here.

The developers of Photosmith note in a blog post today that some new bugs have been uncovered in v1.04, and that another app update is being worked on now.

We wrote about Photosmith back when it was introduced in April.

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