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Delkin posts beta Mac OS X driver for CardBus 32 Adapter  
Monday, February 9, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Delkin today has posted a beta version of the Mac driver for its Delkin CardBus 32 Adapter. The driver is for any version of OS X; older Mac operating systems are not supported. The beta release doesn't properly support hot-swapping of the card/adapter combo from a Mac laptop: rebooting between cards is required for the computer to recognize that a new card has been inserted (this should be fixed in the final release).

The Delkin CardBus 32 Adapter takes advantage of the 32-bit data transfer capabilities of laptops with a CardBus-compatible PC Card slot. We tested the adapter in a Windows-powered laptop back in October 2003, and found that it was noticeably quicker than a 16-bit adapter (which is what all standard CF-to-PC Card adapters are).

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