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Tools we like: CanCount 1.31  
Tuesday, May 2, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

CanCount 1.31 for Mac and Windows is an application with a single purpose: displaying camera-recorded metadata inside RAW and JPEG files captured with Canon 1-series digital SLRs.

The software, written by German photographer Wolfram Söns, mostly displays information that can already be seen in Canon's own applications, including the camera model, firmware version, camera body serial number, image comment and Custom Function settings. But it has three tricks up its sleeve that make CanCount a useful way to view shooting data inside EOS-1D, EOS-1Ds, EOS-1D Mark II, EOS-1D Mark II N and EOS-1Ds Mark II photos:

  • The program displays a body's total shutter actuations at the time the analysed RAW or JPEG picture was taken. This information is not shown in ImageBrowser, ZoomBrowser EX or any other software from Canon we've tried.

  • CanCount will assemble into a single page all the metadata it can display. This is a handy way to see almost all camera settings, plus an image thumbnail and histogram, and store that information if desired as a PDF (using either the built-in PDF support of Mac OS X or an add-in to the printing architecture within Windows) or hard copy printout. We've used this feature to share with other photographers our settings, and similarly to grab the settings used by other photographers too.

  • Generally speaking, it's quicker to use than Canon's own software when the goal is to view the complete metadata within a handful of pictures. Launch the program, drag and drop a picture file and the picture's metadata populates the program's various screens.

CanCount v1.31, released late last month, adds the optional display of AF point indicators on the thumbnail and shows the model of the Canon lens used, when available.

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I Want My Metadata: CanCount 1.31 tells all about an EOS-1Ds Mark II CR2 file. Additional screenshots are on the developer's web site.

As with previous releases, there are a few English spelling mistakes, plus some non-vital information (especially from early firmware EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds files for us) is missing or incorrect. And in the Mac version, certain menus and buttons are labeled in German.

These quirks, however, don't detract from the overall usefulness of CanCount.

CanCount is available for both Windows and Mac, for €9.95 as noted, direct from Soens. A demo version is available that displays only a subset of the metadata; the full version is required to see total shutter actuations and more. The software is compatible only with 1-series digital SLR cameras. CanCount was known until recently as EOS1DInf.

Update, May 8, 2006: Several photographers wrote in to mention other tools that can display shooting information, including shutter actuations, for a range of digital cameras (though generally from JPEGs only). Among the applications suggested: EXIF Viewer 2.5 for Mac and Opanda IEXif 2.25 for Windows.

Update, May 9, 2006: Photo Mechanic 4.4.3 for Windows and Mac, released today, displays total shutter actuations for certain Canon and Nikon cameras.

Update, January 16, 2009: CanCount appears to be no longer available.

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