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DOS Mounter 98 SE updated for OS 9  
Thursday, January 20, 2000 | by
An updater for DOS Mounter 98 SE is now available that brings Mac OS 9 compatibility to the card mounting control panel that ships with Microtech SCSI card readers. The updater upgrades any version of DOS Mounter 98 SE up to DOS Mounter SE v3.0.0 (the "98" designation in the name has now been dropped).

If your Microtech reader didn't ship with DOS Mounter 98 SE, but it did include FormatterFive, you have two options:

  • Upgrade to DOS Mounter SE 3.0.0 at no charge.

  • Upgrade to DOS Mounter 3.0.0 (full version) for US$29.95. The SE and full version control panels are the same; the primary difference between the two offerings is Great Photo, a simple image browsing and editing application for Mac. Nikon D1 users will recognize Great Photo's browser, since it's near-identical to that of the Mac version of Nikon View DX. But Great Photo also includes image rotation, colour and tone enhancement features and selective multiple undos in its image preview mode. While Great Photo is not a professional image editing tool, for US$30 it's kind of fun. Download a trial version of Great Photo from Software Architect's website and see for yourself.

For more information on upgrading to DOS Mounter SE or full version from FormatterFive, contact Software Architects at Enter "Microtech card reader" as the subject to ensure proper routing of the message.

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