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Streamline wireless transmitter workflows with Pixagent ITP 2.0  
Tuesday, November 22, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Pixagent ITP 2.0, released last month, adds a wealth of features to the Windows-only FTP server and digital SLR wireless transmitter configuration application.

Starting with v2.0, the software has been split into freeware Standard and paid-for Professional editions. ITP 2.0 Standard, like ITP 1.x before it, remains a powerful FTP server that is simpler to install and configure than the FTP server that's an optional part of Windows XP Professional itself. It also contains basic setup tools designed to streamline the process of getting a Nikon or Canon wireless transmitter synched up with a computer.

ITP 2.0 Professional - the first commercial version of ITP since the program's inception in the fall of 2003 - is the version that Pixagent's Thomas Sapiano has spent the better part of two years developing. The result is an impressive tool that, in addition to being able to receive pictures from FTP-capable transmitters like those in Nikon's WT-series and Canon's WFT-E1/E1A, the software can automatically trigger batch processing operations, display a preview of pictures as they arrive (in a revolving slide show format if desired) and synchronize the import of pictures from a memory card in a reader where some pictures have been transmitted wirelessly already (Nikon workflows only).

These features are in addition to those of ITP 2.0 Standard, some of which carry over from v1.x, and include assisted configuration of the camera, an operating mode that allows for ITP to operate with a fixed IP address without adjusting a computer's dynamically-assigned IP configuration, batch renaming, automatic destination directory creation and more. Either version of ITP 2.0 also includes a built-in DHCP server that can provide an IP configuration dynamically to linked wireless transmitters.

The Control Centre in ITP 2.0

The Pixagent web site contains an overview of ITP 2.0, a more-detailed look at its features, several screenshots and the program's 80-page user guide.

Pixagent ITP 2.0 Standard is free; Pixagent ITP 2.0 Professional is US$60 (CDN$70 for Canadian residents). If you're installing ITP 2.0 for the first time, the program will operate in Professional mode for 30 days before reverting to Standard mode if not registered. The software requires Windows 98 or later and v1.1 of the .NET Framework.

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