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Keep your camera and lens dry with KATA cover and lens sleeves  
Friday, October 1, 2004 | by Mike Sturk

KATA's Elements Cover E-702 and Lens Sleeve Kit E-704 enable sports and other outdoor photographers to keep shooting, even in driving rain.

The Elements Cover E-702's two roomy sleeves give the photographer access to camera controls, while the transparent plastic material that most of the cover is made of allows a surprisingly clear view through the viewfinder and of the rear LCD monitor. This cover is probably overkill for light to moderate rain, but it's one of the few soft-sided covers we've seen that would protect the camera even in a torrential storm.

The Lens Sleeve Kit E-704 consists of both 350mm and 650mm long sleeves, each of which seal with velcro lengthwise along the lens. Included in the kit is a detachable hand access port that can be velcroed in line with the focusing ring or other controls of telephoto lenses. The sleeves mate to the Elements Cover E-702 for protection of both camera and lens; the Elements Cover E-702 can also be used on its own with short lenses.

Kata Elements Cover E-702 and Lens Sleeve Kit E-704 (350mm sleeve)

The KATA web site has extensive additional information on these and other rain covers made by the company.

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