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A delightful look back at old-school press photography  
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 | by Eamon Hickey
In his photojournalism blog, The Chicago Tribune's Alex Garcia has published a very entertaining interview with author Gerry Souter, who spent two years as a press photographer for the paper from 1964-1966. 

Adopting the expressive style of the era's tabloid news columnists, Souter paints a delightful picture of cigar-chomping, fixer-stained newshounds covering a then still bare-knuckled Chicago. They shot with 4x5 Speed Graphics or, when speed was required, a Mamiyaflex TLR. Transmitting images from crime scenes back to the picture desk meant attaching a five-dollar bill to a 4x5 film holder and handing it to a cabbie with urgent orders to drive it to the Tribune's lobby. 
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