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Canon USA to commence EOS-1D Mark III sub-mirror fix program on December 3  
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
On December 3, Canon USA will begin accepting EOS-1D Mark IIIs that are eligible for the sub-mirror fix, the company has announced. Canon will cover the cost of receiving the camera and returning it after the repair is complete, plus the cost of the repair itself. They have also established a dedicated facility separate from their existing factory service centres in Jamesburg, NJ and Irvine, California and will be performing sub-mirror repairs at that facility for the foreseeable future.
To begin the process, Canon EOS-1D Mark III owners in the U.S. and Puerto Rico must contact customer service. Canon USA contact information and other details are in a service notice on the Canon USA website.
Canon Canada has set a start date of December 5 for their sub-mirror repair program. Canon in Europe has set a start date of December 6 (surf here and search for Case ID 72525). Canon Australia has set a start date of December 10. Check the Canon website in your region for information on when and how to submit your EOS-1D Mark III for repair.
Revision History
November 28, 2007: Removed information about where the sub-mirror fix is to be performed in the U.S. (the location will be provided when owners call in to Canon USA to request the repair and are sent a mailing label to place on the shipping box).
November 30, 2007: Added link to Canon Canada, Europe repair program details.
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