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TechRestore announces matte screen replacement service for new MacBook Air  
Friday, October 22, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
California-based computer repair outfit TechRestore has announced a matte screen replacement service for the 11 inch and 13 inch Apple MacBook Air models that were unveiled earlier this week. For US$249, owners of one of the new thin and light Apple laptops can have its glossy panel replaced with a matte-surface equivalent with the same specifications. The company also swaps the silver bezel for a custom black bezel of their own design.

Shine Remover: A mockup of a MacBook Air 13 inch with matte screen and custom bezel from TechRestore (Photo courtesy TechRestore)

We had an opportunity several months back to evaluate a MacBook Pro 13 inch that had been given TechRestore's matte screen treatment. The screen they installed was obviously the panel manufacturer's matte version of the glossy one that Apple uses, which meant it could be colour profiled just as well as the stock panel and had the same really good colour accuracy and acceptable viewing angle, only without the dreaded reflections. Plus, the fit of the custom bezel was excellent. After using it for several days we didn't want to give it back.

Based on this experience with TechRestore's service, we're optimistic the new offering for the MacBook Airs will also be nicely done. In fact, with a MacBook Air 11 inch on the way next week, we're now contemplating whether it's going to take the matte screen plunge. Note that the company is not yet accepting MacBook Air units for the modification, but will be soon, says TechRestore President Shannon Jean. Initially, the service will be performed exclusively at the company's Concord, California facility, says Jean, though TechRestore Canada, located near Vancouver, will eventually be set up to do matte screen replacements on the new MacBook Airs also.

More information is in the press release below. TechRestore has also posted photos of the multi-layer display design employed in the new MacBook Airs.

Press Release

TechRestore Announces the World's Only Matte Finish Screen Upgrade For the new 11- and 13-inch 2010 MacBook Air Systems

Concord, CA - October, 22 2010 - TechRestore, Inc. announced today the only Matte Finish screen replacement service for 11- and 13-inch 2010 MacBook Air Unibody systems.

The new service offers an option for owners of the new 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air systems, that for personal or professional reasons, do not wish to use the high-gloss screen that is factory installed.

Unlike simple anti-glare covers, which can distort images and skew colors, the TechRestore upgrade involves replacing the super glossy, LED backlit LCD with a matte-finish screen that has the exact same specifications as the original; same resolution, same color depth, same LED backlight. We install a custom black bezel around the edge of the screen that matches the look of the unibody MacBook Pro systems and looks, well, pretty awesome.

"TechRestore was awarded a MacWorld Expo Best of Show Award for our 13" and 15" MacBook Pro Unibody Matte Screen replacement service", said Shannon Jean, Founder and President of TechRestore. "The service is wildly popular and remains the only way for Mac users to get a 13" MacBook Pro with an anti-glare, matte finish screen. We quickly received requests to add the incredible new 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air systems to our matte lineup and we are happy to oblige our customers."

Previewed at MacWorld Expo 2009, the TechRestore Overnight MacBook Pro 15-inch Unibody Matte Finish Screen Replacement Service won a Best of Show award and received high praise by numerous publications, including MacWorld magazine that stated "This is, quite honestly, the machine I feel Apple should have launched as the new Unibody MacBook Pro. The engineering of the new bezel (in a nice matte black finish) is perfect; it looks just as good as the one on the stock MacBook Pro machine sitting next to it in TechRestore's booth."

The service will be available soon, with over 4000 convenient local drop-off locations throughout the country as well as local drop-off for SF Bay Area customers. The Overnight MacBook Air Matte Finish Screen Replacement Service has a 24-hour turnaround time and flat-rate pricing of $249 that includes installation of a new replacement LCD screen, free return shipping and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Enter your email below to be alerted when the service is available.

About TechRestore:
Created out of a passion for the products we sell and service, TechRestore brings together an unmatched repair and product expertise team of Apple Certified technicians to provide repairs, upgrades & recoveries for mobile devices such as MacBook & MacBook Pro systems, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and PSPs. With more than 20-years of experience providing award winning solutions for our customers, we've still kept our sense of wonder about how fortunate we are to work with these fantastic products and people each day. TechRestore customers can rest assured that while their products may fail them, TechRestore never will.

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