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Tuesday, December 17, 2002 | by
Apple will continue to sell at least some Macs that can boot into Mac OS 9 (a previous announcement from the company had suggested that all Macs sold in 2003 would boot up in OS X only); the National Event Photographer's Conference and Trade Show 2003 runs January 6-9, 2003 in Dallas, Texas; Life in America is a web site dedicated to the appreciation of documentary photography; with the possibility of war on the horizon, Photo District News reports on week-long Pentagon-sponsored training camps for journalists; the US$299 Silverfast Ai 6 for Mac OS X offers support for the Nikon Super Coolscan 2000/LS2000 film scanner (this and certain other discontinued Nikon film scanners are not supported in Nikon's own software under OS X); December's The Digital Journalist features Paula Lerner's Open Letter to Students Contemplating Photojournalism and Greg Smith's Photojournalism: A Love Story.
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