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Nikon now shipping D1X with larger frame buffer  
Tuesday, May 20, 2003 | by Rob Galbraith

Nikon in the US and Canada has informed dealers that it is now distributing the D1X with a larger frame buffer, though the price the dealer pays (and therefore the price the customer pays) remains the same. Previously, Nikon's flagship digital SLR was limited to a maximum of 9 JPEG/TIFF or 6 RAW NEF frames in a burst; with the larger buffer, this number increases to 21 JPEG/TIFF and 14 RAW NEF.

In essence, Nikon is now shipping the camera with the extra-cost D1X Buffer Service Enhancement already installed. In Canada, all D1X bodies since about the second week of this month were to have been sold with the larger buffer in place, and dealers have been asked to return existing, smaller-buffer stock to Nikon for buffer memory upgrading before being sold, says Nikon Canada's Mary Mulder.

In the US, Nikon is further sweetening the pot by bundling a certificate for Nikon Capture with the D1X. We have not been able to confirm with Nikon USA when larger-buffer D1X cameras began to ship, though we first learned of the change from a US dealer on May 15, 2003.

Owners of older D1X bodies are still able to obtain the larger buffer from a Nikon service centre, for a fee. We have not contacted representatives of Nikon in regions outside of North America to determine if the D1X is now shipping with the larger buffer worldwide. The D1H and D100 are unchanged.

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