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GretagMacbeth Eye-One Match 3.0 software released  
Tuesday, October 5, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

GretagMacbeth has released Eye-One Match 3.0 for Mac and Windows, an update to the application supplied with its Eye-One Display, Eye-One Photo and other Eye-One hardware packages.

The new release focuses mostly on improving both the functionality and profile quality of the monitor profiling module of the software. A September 29, 2004 article on this site describes some of the changes in Eye-One Match 3.0.

In addition, the new release enhances the positioning guide for the Eye-One Beamer, adds the option to create reflection or transmission profiles to the scanner module and fixes various bugs.

The full list of changes is in an excerpt from the Eye-One Match 3.0 Read Me below:

Eye-One Match 3.0 Read Me

2. What’s new in Eye-One Match 3.0?


  • Support for the new Eye-OneDisplay2 instrument with ambient light head and improved measurement accuracy.
  • Ambient light check with i1Display2 and Eye-One Pro (newer generation)
  • Luminance adjustments for CRT and LCD monitors to match multiple monitors.
  • Recommended luminance settings for CRTs and LCDs
  • Added contrast and brightness controls in the LCD calibration wizard
  • Improved color accuracy with new chromatic adaptation formula.
  • Incorporated gray balance optimization functionality resulting in a better gray balance.
  • Added profile summary report showing the target color temperature, luminance, gamma as well as ambient readings (all information are also stored in the profile)
  • Added profile reminder which can be set by the user to remind him after 1 to 4 weeks to create a new monitor profile.
  • The help has been significantly updated and now contains separate help for Eye-One Pro and Eye-One Display. 
  • Better automatic position finding.
  • Increased gray balance for laptop and PowerBook monitors with separate workflow (see chapter 5)


  • Better positioning guide


  • Choice between reflection and transmission profiles


  • Lots of smaller bug fixes

Eye-One Match 3.0 is a free download from the GretagMacbeth web site. Registration is required to log in and download the software; the registration form requires a serial number from a compatible hardware device.

Version 3.0 of Eye-One Match is supplied with the Eye-One Display 2 monitor calibrator, so new purchasers of this package (which was destined for store shelves this week) shouldn't need to download this update.

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