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Clothing optional in new addition to Craig's Actions  
Saturday, April 1, 2006 | by Umberto Galberini

Photographer Craig Minielly has added an unbelievable new set to his collection of portrait treatment and production Actions for Photoshop. Called Naturalizers, the addition to the Craig's Actions line employs nano-pixel mapping technology - co-developed with NASA - to enable the removal of items of clothing from a subject, all at the touch of a button and without resorting to time-consuming and elaborate retouching techniques.

The not-to-be believed Actions, which are compatible with Photoshop CS and CS2 for Windows and Mac, as well as the beta versions of CS3 and CS4 available on bitorrent, are available for purchase now. (As of this writing, however, heavy server traffic appears to have crashed the online ordering system.)

The Craig's Actions web site has a number of before/after sample pictures showing what can be achieved with the set of 12 different Naturalizer Actions, including the selective removal or addition of items of clothing and the enhancement of certain body features as necessary to achieve a particular artistic effect or to satisfy the needs of the client.

A press release notes that the first 500 visitors can download a Naturalizers sample Action, appropriately called Strippers - Top Only, for free. While this Action is optimized for photos of women, Minielly (who is perhaps better known for his role as the janitor on the TV show Scrubs) says that at the end of each month a new sample Action will be posted. The sample Action due out April 31, says Minielly, is a Naturalizer that's unbelievably good at reducing the doughy midrift in photos of middle-aged males, and is appropriately called Beer Gutter - Maximum.

Minielly says he'll be publishing more technical information about how the Naturalizers work on the day after April 1.

Update, April 2, 2006: Yes, this was an April Fool's Day prank, and yes, our staff writer "Umberto Galberini" was in on it!

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