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Beauty Bar, Presets Fx join stable of Craig's Actions  
Thursday, October 28, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Portrait photographer Craig Minielly has added two new automatic photo adjustment tools for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom. Joining the stable of Craig's Actions is Beauty Bar, a set of skin softening and portrait enhancement Actions for Photoshop CS2 and later, as well as Essentials Fx, Editorial Fx and Vintage Boudoir Fx for Lightroom 2.0 and later as well as Photoshop.

We don't often apply stylized effects to photos, but when we do it's with earlier Craig's Actions adjustments and have favoured the look of his skin softening in particular. Minielly has an eye for creating this stuff, so we expect there will be gems within his newest offerings. The Craig's Actions site features numerous before/after examples as well, plus the Sample Style Gallery link on various pages will take you to a collection showing all the effects achievable with that particular set.

More information is in the press release below.

Press Release

Craig's Actions announces Four New Products, Skin Softening Simplicity, and introduces the "WalkAway WorkFlow" to the award-winning Photoshop & Lightroom Image Tools at

Vancouver, BC - Oct 28th, 2010 - Craig's Actions, the industry standard for photoshop digital imaging tools & innovative workflow solutions to photographers of all skills and styles, announced the release and immediate availability of four new products to their stellar lineup.

The latest Actions Set offering, is entitled the "Beauty Bar" and consists of amazingly simple skin softening & makeup Action tools, along with a very exciting collection of 1-Touch Workflows that enable the user to perform all of their needed skin softening and image enhancements in a single process. Individual and custom options are also provide for complete control and flexibility. It gets even more exciting, with these revolutionary workflow processes that Craig has created, in that they can actually be used to complete the image production process, from original to final print and sorted for output all at the same time. This will save the average photographer hundreds if not thousands of hours in their image processing.

"Photographers have a love / hate relationship with Photoshop" says Craig Minielly, the action wizard and creator of the Craig's Actions processes. " they love what can happen with their images, but they hate being stuck behind the computer, so these new techniques free them from that burden. The WalkAway Workflow is now a reality, freeing up their time and putting more enjoyment into their overall experience, which allows them to shoot more, make more, and spend their time the way they really want to."

As a key design element to what the Actions and Workflows are intended to do, it's not about ending up with "Photoshopped images", with the range of workflow options varying from a simple but necessary cosmetic treatments, to the far more stylized and very popular Pinup & Glamour Image results. This presents their appeal to the full spectrum of photographic styles and users at all skill levels. Remarkably priced at an introductory special of $97,  even at the regular price of $147, this is fabulous value to anyone working with images and Photoshop.

Also announced, is the new collection of Preset Fx for Lightroom AND Photoshop. Offering exceptional value and usable within both Adobe Programs, these Presets allow the photographer to apply image treatments and production processes onto their images - before image production actually occurs.

Three sets are part of the Fx starting lineup - Essentials, Editorial and the Vintage Boudoir Presets.

The Craig's Fx Essentials Presets, lives up to its name by providing users with the solid foundation of careful image production adjustments , remarkably well tailored to many image styles. Portrait, Wedding, B/W, Scenic, Vignette and even Architectural adjustments are included in this well rounded out package. A must have for Lightroom, and a fabulous complement to Photoshop's Camera Raw, anyone with a camera will benefit from the experience these treatments provide.

The Editorial Fx Presets, allow photographers to achieve popular image styles seen regularly in magazines everywhere. HDR (High Dynamic Range), is just one of many styles within this package, with all of the Preset Fx options having high dynamic impact. Providing an extensive range of "looks" that photographers can apply to their images, these have an innovative design, not commonly used in Presets, and ensures higher image quality and user satisfaction.

"I'm very excited about the way these Presets are designed, and what it now allows the user to now do with their images. It's a departure from what people are used to working with, and offers far more flexibility in creative image production, resulting in better quality results. This equals more value to the photographer for their investment, and whole lot more fun in the process!"

Craig's Vintage Boudoir Fx Presets rounds out the trio of Lightroom and Photoshop Preset offerings. Vintage memories and age old classic styles are all easily achieved, bring those looking to make money with their images, a very marketable collection of photographic styles that are as charming as they are timeless.

Together, the new Craig's Fx Presets are an exciting and innovative collection of image processes that are the perfect companion to Lightroom and Photoshop, providing excellent value, dynamic creativity, and instant gratification to photographers of all styles and technical ability. From Lightroom, or on their own from Camera Raw, they blend seamlessly into a Photoshop workflow, offering an exciting solution to all.

Combining them with the latest Beauty Bar Actions,  is the ultimate recipe for success and satisfaction.

Priced at $79 each, these are great value especially as they have extended usage within Photoshop, and not limited to Lightroom as with most other Presets.

As the inventor of the WalkAway WorkFlow, Craig's Actions newest products provide not only tremendous value and freedom of time, but also freedom of spirit to those that are wise enough to invest in their potential.

System Compatibility : Craig's Actions are Photoshop CS5 Compatible, and usable from CS2+ on Mac and PC. The Preset FX are Lightroom ready to go for 2.0 and up, optimized for Lightroom 3.0 and operate with Camera Raw in Photoshop CS3 and up for Mac and PC .

Instantly downloadable at  all products are now online, and available immediately for purchase and Immediate Download.

About Craig's Actions
Craigs Actions Products are simple to use, yet professional level Photoshop and Lightroom Tools designed for users of all skill levels and interests. Creator, Craig Minielly, has developed these tools over many years to make his work as a photographer better, faster, more efficient, AND dramatically more profitable. Craig's efforts in developing these Photoshop Action & Preset Tools for himself have paid off and proven themselves over and over, having received the International PPA Hot One award for "Best Camera Processing Software" by Professional Photographer Magazine, with his work as a photographer published in trade and retail publications around the world. Craig has seven Photographer of the Year Honors in Canada, the USA and Internationally. He's an accomplished presenter and teacher sought for presentations of all sizes and groups to deliver his high powered content, in his own easy going style.

He's happy to have turned his proprietary tools loose on the world of photography. As one of the first Photographers to switch to digital, the first photographer to shoot a wedding digitally, and with over thirty years as a working photographer in the commercial, advertising and editorial portrait field - he's learned a few things about what needs to be done, and how to do it right. He's also met a lot of very cool people along the way, and considers it a sincere privilege to have these talented folks as some of his closest friends. "I have made use of those people for their input and feedback on every product you'll find on this site. So while I may be the name on the label, it's very much a team effort from a global community - THAT is the experience that these processes and image treatments are born from. I thank them, and I thank everyone for dropping by the site... Enjoy the Adventure!"  - Craig Minielly

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