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Photo Mechanic 4.3.4 released  
Wednesday, March 16, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 4.3.4, released today, fixes a host of minor bugs and tweaks features in both the Mac and Windows releases.

Version 4.3.4 is a free update for any registered user that purchased the software within a year of December 2004. This is somewhat longer than the one year of free upgrades promised under the software's license, says Dennis Walker of Camera Bits.

This is meant to ensure that customers who were entitled, because of when they purchased the software, to an upgrade to v4.3 will be able to obtain v4.3.4 without having to pay more.

The company is hoping to make v4.3.4 the last update before the next major revision of the program that's due out in late April or May 2005. That version, likely to be called 4.4, will add the ability to caption various RAW formats on both Windows and Mac platforms (only the Mac version of Photo Mechanic has this capability now), will beef up the folder naming options in the Ingest Disks dialog and more.

Mac users running OS X 10.2.x, take note: the upcoming v4.4 is not likely to run in this version of the operating system, making v4.3.4 the last release of Photo Mechanic expected to be compatible with OS X 10.2.x. Dispensing with support for older Mac operating system versions, says Walker, will enable the addition of at least one powerful new feature in v4.4, though he won't reveal what that new feature is yet.

Photo Mechanic 4.3.4 is US$150 direct from Camera Bits. A trial version is also available.

An excerpt from the Photo Mechanic 4.3.4 Read Me below describes all the changes:

Photo Mechanic v4.3.4 Read Me

•  Fixed problems introduced in 4.3.3 when viewing grayscale TIFF photos.  Also, added support for other TIFF formats: ZIP compressed, JPEG compressed, binary (e.g. facsimile), and 8-bit palette.  Also fixed a crashing problem with improperly formatted TIFF files from some scanners (e.g. that don’t write the required “planar format” tag).

•  Added support for the ORF RAW files from the Olympus E-300 and ERF RAW files from the Epson R-D1.

•  Fixed problem with HTML Export where JPEGs that were converted to sRGB still retained their original ICC profile.  This would cause ICC savvy browsers (like Safari) to show the photos with a color shift due to the retained (not sRGB) ICC profile.

•  Fixed problem with FTP to some servers that respond differently to the “cwd” (change directory) command when no path is specified.  This would cause an error such as “Failed all attempts to rename file for dropbox transfer.”

•  You can now set the color class during the slide show by typing a number 1-8 (or 0 for no color class).

•  Added the ‘E’ keyboard shortcut to edit the photo in the Preview dialog and in single selection edit mode for the contact sheet.

•  Added new keyboard shortcut, the ‘G’ key (or ‘/’ key), in Preview dialog for synchronizing both views when in 2-up mode.  The ‘G’ or ‘/’ key will set the selection of the non-selected photo (of the pair) to the currently selected photo.  This makes it easier to “incrementally” improve your tagging of keepers when in 2-up mode (thanks to Greg Gorman for the tip – and the shortcut key).

•  Added a crash reporting system to allow you to send Camera Bits a report of the reasons for the crash so that we can more readily find the underlying problem and fix it.

•  (Win) Made several changes to the “Send Photos via email” command.  You can now send each photo as a separate email, and you can choose to send your photos directly without a final “email compose” window.  You can now include variables in the Subject and Body sections (if not sending separate emails, only the first selected photo will beused for evaluating any variables).  Added buttons to access the Windows Address Book for setting the To, Cc, and Bcc fields.  Also, the filenames of the sent photos will maintain the same base name as the original photos rather than have a temporary filenames.

•  Improved speed of rescanning directories (e.g. to test for new files).

•  Added a center “crosshair” mark when cropping photos in the Preview dialog.

•  Fixed problem with Find or Find and Replace not checking the IPTC Edit Status field.

•  Fixed problem with renaming Canon 1D/1DS RAW (.TIF) + JPEG together during Ingest.

•  Added FTP transfer statistics to progress dialog.

•  Fixed a problem not recognizing XMP sidecar files that are newly created by Adobe Camera Raw while Photo Mechanic has the RAW file open in a contact sheet.  This caused the XMP sidecar file to not be included when renaming, copying, deleting, etc.

•  (Mac) Improved speed of directory scanning and file status operations on SMB servers.

•  (Mac) Subfolders of favorites that are dragged to the trash will now move the folder to the trash.  Also, subfolders that are dragged to the Trash (from either the Favorites or Navigator) will update both views.

•  (Mac) When Ingest is complete, the Ingest progress dialog comes forward and beeps.

•  (Mac) Contact sheet windows are now automatically closed when the volume they are on is unmounted.

•  (Win) The Variables dialog is now non-modal and resizable.  Also, multiple variables can now be pasted without needing to re-open the Variables dialog.

•  (Win) In the Preview dialog, Control-I will open the IPTC Stationery dialog (like the Mac does with Command-I).

•  Fixed a problem with histogram being lost in some cases.

Mac Specific Bug Fixes

•  Fixed a problem using a ‘\’ or quote character in an email subject or body causing an AppleScript error.  Also fixed a problem with other special characters such as ‘/’ and quotes in a filename that were causing AppleScript errors when sending email.

•  Fixed text clipping when printing.

•  Fixed a case where quitting Photo Mechanic would restart the caching system just before quitting. Fixed a “double delete” problem when using the Option-Delete while in zoom mode in the Preview dialog.  The photo would get deleted as desired, but then a dialog would appear asking if you wanted to delete the next photo.

•  Fixed a problem when closing some dialogs when the Variables drawer is open.

Windows Specific Bug Fixes

•  PMFavorites.state is no longer created on the desktop.

•  Fixed crashing bug when mouse is over a cell that will disappear after rescanning.

•  Fixed a problem where the ‘&’ character was being interpreted by Windows to underline the character after the ‘&’ and not draw the ‘&’ character at all.

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