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Photographer Juergen Specht posts NEFs from a production Nikon D2X  
Thursday, February 24, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Japan-based photographer Juergen Specht, who reports on the D1scussion mailing list that he purchased a Nikon D2X when stock first arrived at Tokyo's famous Yodobashi Camera this week, has now posted a collection of pictures taken with the camera.

The photos - 18 in all - are unprocessed RAW NEFs, shot on the streets of Tokyo in his first outing with the D2X.

Nikon Capture 4.2 is required to adjust D2X NEF processing parameters and convert them into finished files; the Photoshop plug-in that ships with Capture 4.2 will do the same, though with fewer conversion controls.

For those who don't own Capture 4.2, we've heard from one user who indicates that it's possible to download the 30-day Capture 4.0 trial version, then apply the Capture 4.2 updater to that, even though the release notes indicate that won't work. Our licensed copy of Capture 4.2 handles these NEFs just fine.

The shipping version of Photoshop's Adobe Camera Raw 2.4 plug-in doesn't appear to support NEFs from this camera as yet.

Nikon D2X photos on the web site of Juergen Specht

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