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Nikon Capture 3.5.2 updaters posted  
Wednesday, October 1, 2003 | by Rob Galbraith

Nikon USA and Nikon Europe have posted updaters that bring Capture to v3.5.2. Nikon indicates the following changes in both the Mac and Windows versions:

  • When rotation information for a rotated RAW image was applied to another image and the image saved, the aspect ratio of the second image was affected. The problem has been corrected.
  • A processing problem, which occurred when an image was opened with Use RGB Default instead of an embedded profile when opening files in the Preferencesí Color Management tab enabled, has been corrected.

This software will not open D2H RAW (NEF images) however the following issues have been addressed.

  1. When images captured with the D2H were opened in Nikon Capture 3 Editor, an error occurred and the Editor quit unexpectedly. This problem has been corrected.
  2. NEF images saved with Nikon Capture 4 can now be opened in Nikon Capture 3 version 3.5.2 Editor.

Note: Images edited using Capture 4's new adjustment tools which were not available in Capture 3 may not be displayed properly in Capture 3.

The updaters are a free download, and bring v3.5.0 or 3.5.1 of Nikon Capture to 3.5.2. Follow one of the links below to download the appropriate updater for your platform and region.

The v3.5.2 updater is not yet available on the Nikon Asia web site.

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