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Kodak offers first peek at Kodak Capture Studio  
Thursday, February 3, 2000 | by
During a session on colour management at the DIMA conference in Las Vegas yesterday, Kodak's Chris Heinz offered a first look at Kodak Capture Studio. The software, which is not yet complete, will offer Kodak DCS 560 and 660 users a program similar to Nikon Capture. Aimed primarily at studio shooters, Capture Studio includes some interesting features:
  • Streamlined building of an ICC input profile. Simply by placing a Macbeth ColorChecker in the scene, then shooting a frame with a FireWire-connected Kodak/Canon pro digicam, the software locates the Colorchecker and creates an ICC profile for the light source. The input profile is then applied to any subsequent images, and images are also converted to the selected RGB working space (a la Photoshop 5 and later). It doesn't get easier than this to apply colour managment to a studio digital camera workflow.

  • Colour correction, tone correction and sharpening functions similar to those found in Kodak Colorflow's Profile Editor 2.x.

  • Image corrections can be saved in an edit list and reapplied to to subsequent images. This feature is also similar to that of Profile Editor.

  • Extensive control in software of key camera functions, in a tabbed interface not unlike Nikon Capture.

Capture Studio will be bundled for free with Kodak DCS 560 and DCS 660 cameras, and will be available for purchase for the DCS 520 and 620 (updated).

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