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Datacolor releases screen profiling app for iPad, iPad 2  
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Billing it as the "[w]orld's first custom calibrated viewing on your tablet device," Datacolor has released SpyderGallery, an app for the Apple iPad and iPad 2. With the help of the companion SpyderGallery Desktop program for Mac and Windows, the app enables a colour profile to be created. This profile can then be applied to the viewing of photos within the SpyderGallery app for a promised improvement in colour accuracy. While the software is free, a Spyder3-series colorimeter is required.

In Profile: SpyderGallery for the iPad and iPad 2

We haven't yet tried to create a profile with SpyderGallery, but it's obviously an intriguing idea.

Note that you must install SpyderGallery and then register within the app to gain access to the SpyderGallery Desktop downloads.

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