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Walkstool allows you to sit on the job  
Thursday, September 30, 2004 | by Mike Sturk

 The Scandinavian Touch Walkstool was made with sports photographers in mind as well as any photographer who needs to sit on the job. 

Built with 3 telescoping legs, the Walkstool is light enough to attach to the photographer's belt for travel but sturdy enough to support the largest of photographers (a company presentation shows a sedan perched on 4 Walkstools).

It's available in 3 sitting heights - 45cm, 55cm and 65cm - and 2 different seat sizes (L, XXL) for different-sized bodies. The 45cm, 55cm and 65cm Walkstools are available now with the size L seat; the XXL seat version will be available only in limited quantities until later this year.

A list of international distributors is on the Scandinavian Touch website.

Walkstool 45cm, 55cm and 65cm models

A Walkstool collapsed and attached to a photographer's belt

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