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Adobe releases beta of Camera Raw 3.3  
Friday, November 11, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Adobe has posted in pre-release form the next version of the Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop CS2. Camera Raw 3.3 Beta adds support for the Canon EOS-1D Mark II N and makes official the software's support for the EOS 5D (Camera Raw 3.2 will also recognize 5D CR2's, but the processing code isn't final in that release of the plug-in).

Other changes in Camera Raw 3.3 include:

  • Faster redraw speed at certain magnification levels less than 100% (though the image may appear slightly fuzzier)

  • The addition of warning messages when attempting to cancel or reset Camera Raw when there are changes to non-selected images

  • Refinement of the software's Bayer demosaicing algorithms for a promised improvement in the detail rendering in some instances

  • Writing of IPTC-format caption information to TIFF, JPEG and PSD files saved directly from the plug-in, in addition to the XMP-format caption block as before

  • Fixed DNG decoding for some camera models

  • Support for the RAW files from additional cameras, including the aforementioned Canon EOS-1D Mark II N and EOS 5D, plus the Olympus E-500, SP-310, SP-350 and SP-500UZ, Pentax *ist DL and *ist DS2 and Sony DSC-R1.

Camera Raw 3.3 Beta, as well as DNG 3.3 Beta Converter, are free from Adobe's web site. Follow one of the links below to download:

Thanks to Peter Burian for bringing the Camera Raw beta release to our attention.

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