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Digital Camera Battery releases capacity tester  
Sunday, October 2, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Digital Camera Battery has released a device for testing the capacity of the company's line of camera and flash batteries.

Called the Digital Camera Battery Capacity Tester, it combines a capacity gauge - with a range of 0-200 watts in 5-watt increments - and a circuit for rapidly draining the battery. The Tester's purpose is two-fold: to determine whether it's time to have a Digital Camera Battery's NiMH cells replaced, as well as to provide a simple way to perform a reconditioning cycle if needed.

The test procedure, while not difficult, does have to be carried out exactly as described in the instructions to ensure an accurate result; testing one battery takes several hours to complete. And at US$99, it won't be a trivial purchase for photographers with only one or two batteries, though organizations with a fleet of Digital Camera Battery units of various vintages are likely to find the tester indispensable.

Digital Camera Battery Capacity Tester (Photo courtesy Digital Camera Battery)

The Digital Camera Battery Capacity Tester is available now, direct from the company's online store. Dealers that have ordered the tester should be receiving it shortly as well, says Digital Camera Battery president Tim Dodge.

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