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AP Newslynx user responses  
Sunday, February 20, 2000 | by
I've received several thoughtful responses to the February 10 posting on AP's Newslynx software and OS 9. They include:

From: Ron Bell
Date: Friday, 18 Feb 2000
Subject: newslynx problems

On our 500mgz G4's it runs OK with maybe a few seconds delay putting a file into the AP server.

Does not work on our 400mgz G4's.

From: Jerry Laizure
Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000
Subject: Newslynx and OS 9

Read about the NewsLynx/OS 9 compatibility issue on Rob's site. One workaround would be to use the APServer's watched folder function to xfer local photos to the APServer.

The photographer's G4 could still use NewsLynx to browse, but to xfer a photo to the APServer he would drop the photo onto a folder watched by the APServer software.

You may already have the watched folder setup for receiving remote photos from the field.

Hope it helps.

From: Vince
Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000
Subject: Newslynx and os 9 : a possible fix ?

Did they try nine 11, a software extension that permits to run certain non os 9 compatible apps on os 9.

Pass them the info, it's worth a try.

From: Alan Youngblood
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000
Subject: AP server and MacOS 9

I don't remember if this still works with a the AP server and Mac running OS 9 but the Server has the ability to watch a shared folder via Appletalk and suck up images placed in it. Once it imports them, it can be set to delete them. We have an old 7600 set up in the department for nothing but housekeeping and designated a folder just for this purpose. Everyone keeps aliases to this folder on their desktops and drags images into it. It works flawlessly and doesn't take very long for them to show up on the server (about 30 seconds after they go).

The only oddity to this method is that we have many archived files saved using an old version of SCC JPEG. This version apparently didn't save IPTC info to the data fork so the file shows up on the server with no cation information. These files show up fine if you import them to server by dragging them into the browser window of news lynx.

It's kind of tricky to set up on the server because the server documentation isn't very clear on the subject (it took me several hours to get all the kinks ironed out but then again OS/2 is totally foreign to a Mac guy).

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