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FTP server software to streamline WT-1 transmissions  
Tuesday, October 14, 2003 | by Rob Galbraith

A new program for Windows promises to streamline the transmission of photos from Nikon's upcoming WT-1 wireless transmitter for the D2H. The FTP server application, called ITP and developed by Toronto-area photographer and recent computer engineering graduate Thomas Sapiano, is purpose-built for the upload of pictures from the D2H/WT-1 combo. Features include:

  • Batch renaming. ITP will optionally change the first four characters of the incoming file name from DSC_ to a user-definable string that can be different for each transmitting camera.

  • Smart overwrite protection. The program will optionally rename an incoming photo if one with the same name already exists at the destination. It will also compare the two photos and overwrite the existing photo if it determines that the camera is attempting to retransmit a photo that was cut off during the original transmission attempt.

  • Automatic folder generation. The program will optionally create new folders for incoming photos based on parameters such as the date of transmission or the login name.

  • Powerful variable technology. File renaming and folder generation is governed by the use of variables, allowing for impressive flexibility in how incoming photos are named and folders are created.

  • Upload-only functionality. Sapiano has opted to create ITP as an upload-only FTP server application, no downloads or true file/directory listings are possible. This is in keeping with the application's intended purpose - receiving photos from the D2H/WT-1 - though it doesn't preclude the use of ITP for the uploading of files from any FTP client on a full-fledged computer or handheld.

ITP v1.0RC1, which Sapiano is releasing for free, is now available for download. It's compatible with any version of Windows that supports the .NET framework, including Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. PocketITP, a version for PocketPC PDA devices, is currently in private beta and is slated for release soon. A Mac version is not planned unless, says Sapiano, someone will donate an OS X-capable model for development.

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