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Apple releases Aperture v1.0.1  
Wednesday, December 21, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Apple today has released an updater for Aperture that brings the program to v1.0.1. The first update for the pro workflow application stomps out several bugs while also improving the speed of certain operations. Specifically:

Quality of photos exported in 8-bits per colour has been improved. Joe Schorr, Product Manager for Aperture at Apple, says that a bug causing blocked up or posterized shadows in exported 8 bit picture files (such as 8 bit TIFFs or JPEGs) has been fixed. This bug did not affect export to 16-bits per colour image formats, such as 16 bit TIFFs. Nor did it impact the on-the-fly rendering of photos for display within Aperture itself.

Quirks in the operation of the eyedropper in the White Balance section of the Adjustments HUD have been addressed. Now, the eyedropper more consistently makes neutral the area clicked on, while the eyedropper loupe moves in a less jerky fashion around the target photo.

The Auto-Stack function no longer takes multiple minutes to arrange large albums of photos. In our testing, grouping 400 photos on a 2.5GHz Quad G5 takes about 7 seconds the first time it's run on an album, and faster still when re-running Auto-Stack with a different time interval on that same album. Schorr indicates that Auto-Stack speed is similar on a current-model Powerbook in his testing.

Instances of delays during the book and print ordering process have been tackled, along with other general performance improvements when using these functions.

The Aperture 1.0.1 update is available for download from the Apple web site, as well as through the Software Update mechanism of Mac OS X. Note that even after loading v1.0.1 through Software Update, subsquent checks via Software Update continue to list Aperture 1.0.1 as ready for download. This, says Schorr, is an error in Software Update that Apple is working to correct, and that it doesn't mean Aperture users need to re-run the v1.0.1 updater.

Revision History
 Added more detail about the v1.0.1 update from Apple's Joe Schorr (December 23, 2005)

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