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LPA Design releases v2.100 firmware for Nikon MiniTT1, FlexTT5  
Monday, January 17, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Firmware v2.100 for the Nikon versions of the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 is now available. The update adds the D7000 to the list of officially supported cameras, changes the default zoom head focal length on remote Speedlights to 24mm and implements a number of other small but important corrections and feature tweaks.

Ready: PocketWizard Utility's firmware update dialog

Some of the key changes in v2.100, relative to v2.050, are listed below:
  • The D7000 joins the list of officially supported cameras
  • Added DX/FX Format mode detection for improved HyperSync operation
  • Optimized continuous shooting such that the flash will fire in more frames in a high speed sequence
  • Fixed an error that could occur when the Master Speedlight's head was enabled and the camera was a D200
  • The system now more reliably detects when a Speedlight SB-900 is being switched in and out of Master mode
  • A flash exposure compensation calculation error has been corrected
  • The transmitter unit's test button now sends a command to fire at the specified power level for any zones set to M on the attached AC3 ZoneController or other Master device
  • Preliminary support for the Speedlight SB-700 has been added, though additional tweaks are needed before this flash becomes officially ControlTL compatible
  • VR mode detection on certain fast aperture lenses now works correctly with the D3S and D3X
  • D3X FP sync has been improved at high shutter speeds
  • An AF assist bug that affected certain cameras has been fixed
  • The default zoom head focal length on remote Speedlights has been changed from 26mm to 24mm
  • A recalibration flash pop now takes place after each zoom head change on remote Speedlights
  • Rear curtain sync control has been improved
  • SB-800/SB-900 user interface responsiveness has been sped up when either flash is attached to a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 on top of the camera
PocketWizard Utility 1.35 for Mac and Windows is required to download and install firmware v2.100. Click the Check for Updates button within the program to begin the process.

LPA Design has also launched a new help section on their website. Called the PocketWizard Wiki, the new section - which is just beginning to be filled with content - is meant to provide users with an easier way to keep up with feature changes as well as provide instruction on the use of PocketWizard wireless products.
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