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QuickSlides 1.0.1 for Mac OS X brings KPT QuickShow LT into 21st century  
Tuesday, January 4, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Mac users nostalgic for KPT QuickShow LT, the long-deceased slide show application for pre-OS X Macs, may want to check out Tigre Technologies QuickSlides 1.0.1.

The freeware program, released in late December 2004, will display as a slide show any pictures residing in the same folder as the application, just like KPT QuickShow LT. And the program has no real interface of its own - it's drive entirely by simple keyboard shortcuts that control the automatic or manual advance of slides, adjust slide timing and end the show.

Unlike KPT QuickShow LT, however, QuickSlides 1.0.1 is ICC profile savvy: on our Mac test mule running OS X 10.3.7 and QuickTime 6.5.2, the program properly observed embedded profiles in both JPEG and TIFF files.

As of v1.0.1, there is no transition between photos, the next photos simply appears. And the scaling of photos to the monitor size seems to be tripped up by the document dimensions and/or resolution information inserted into photos by Photoshop. At least this is the case on our setup.

With scaling to the monitor size functioning properly and a silky-smooth crossfade transition, QuickSlides could well be the modern era replacement for the venerable KPT QuickShow LT. QuickSlides 1.0.1 is downloadable from the Tigre Technologies web site.

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