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Automator actions for Photoshop CS/CS2 updated  
Thursday, August 18, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Ben Long has again updated his useful set of actions for use with Mac OS X 10.4's Automator feature and Photoshop.

The changes are meant to enhance workflows that utilize the Save as JPEG, Save as TIFF and various conditional actions. Says Long:

First, the Save as JPEG and Save as TIFF actions now include an option that lets you pass the saved file names on to the rest of the workflow, rather than the original file names. This makes it possible to do things like process a batch of images, save out new files, and then do things to those new files, such as Stuff or FTP them.

Also, all of the Filter actions (Filter by EXIF, Filter by Orientation, etc.) now include an option to save a copy of the original list of files that was received by the filter. When used in conjunction with the new Unfilter Action -- which restores the workflow to working with the original unfiltered batch --  it's now possible to perform multiple separate filter operations within one workflow. So, you can do things like filter out landscape images and resize them using one set of dimensions, then Unfilter to restore the original batch, and then re-filter by Portrait orientation for resizing using a different set of specs.

Long's collection of 42 actions enable Automator "workflows" to be developed that drive Photoshop CS or CS2 to perform various image processing operations automatically. The actions are free, though donations are accepted. Scroll partway down this page to locate the links for the separate CS and CS 2 downloads (other versions of Photoshop are not supported).

Also note that while these actions automate Photoshop, they are not Photoshop Actions per se. They are strictly for use within Automator in OS X 10.4 on the Mac.

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