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Methanol fuel cells for laptops in a year or less  
Monday, March 13, 2006 | by Eamon Hickey

The BBC News web site has a report from the Cebit technology trade show in Hanover, Germany on methanol fuel cells for laptops from a company called Antig. These cells will power a laptop for up to nine hours and are slated to become available in early 2007. The article also discusses the development of a distribution system for replacement methanol cartridges and changes in airline regulations that will allow methanol cells to be carried on board.

Gizmag has a story on the UltraCell XX25 and UC25 methanol fuel cells for laptops, which are claimed to run a laptop for up to "two working days", although no definition of the length of a working day is offered. The UC25, which will be the commercial version for consumers, is scheduled to become available in late 2006.



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