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ShutterSnitch update adds multiple Eye-Fi card support and more  
Wednesday, September 29, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Choosy: The Eye-Fi card selection screen in ShutterSnitch v.1.1.9 on an iPad. Click to enlarge
ShutterSnitch 1.1.9 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which is awaiting approval in Apple's App Store queue now, adds the ability to receive pictures from multiple Eye-Fi wireless SD cards simultaneously, shows a progress indicator when a picture is arriving from an Eye-Fi card, provides an option for the automatic jump to the just-received photo to be disabled and corrects some minor bugs, including one that affected compatibility with Nikon's WT-2/WT-2A wireless transmitter.

Version 1.1.9 also displays a counter when a new picture arrives, so that you know where you are in a collection, and can export by email a text list of the files currently selected and their star rating.

We've been testing successive betas of v1.1.9 for some time and the new features work as described. The support for multiple simultaneous Eye-Fi transmissions is great; the app has been rock solid when taking in JPEGs from as many as three Eye-Fi cards at the same time. It handles file name collisions gracefully as well, appending an incrementing number to the end of the incoming file's name rather than having it overwrite a file with the same name if one exists.

If you've had your eye on ShutterSnitch, but have held back because of the single Eye-Fi card limit, v1.1.9 is the release you want to check out. (Be sure to read our recommendations on JPEG file size and resolution here to ensure a crash-free ShutterSnitch experience.)

The new progress indicator is also a nice touch, as it helps determine at a glance whether the wireless link is fast, slow or stalled. Note, though, it only appears when a picture is arriving from an Eye-Fi card and not other transmitters. Developer Brian Gerfort says this is because only Eye-Fi cards communicate to ShutterSnitch the total file size of the incoming photo.

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Progressive: ShutterSnitch 1.1.9 displays a pie chart-style progress indicator, circled in red above, when a photo is arriving from an Eye-Fi card. Click to enlarge (Photo in screenshot by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

ShutterSnitch 1.1.9 is a free update for owners of v1.1.8 and earlier. V1.1.9 was submitted to Apple earlier this week and it's in the App Store approval queue now. This means it's likely to come available sometime next week or possibly the week after. If you purchase ShutterSnitch v1.1.8 now you'll be able to see in iTunes on your computer or the App Store on your Apple mobile device when v1.1.9 is ready for download.

New ShutterSnitch licenses are US$7.99 from the U.S. Apple App Store, or the rough equivalent of that when bought from the App Store in other countries.

The next major release of ShutterSnitch is to be called v2.0 and is slated to emerge sometime after Apple finalizes iOS 4.2 in November. ShutterSnitch 2.0 is to include support for multitasking, embedding of metadata, optional automatic image handling actions and more, plus it should correct the blurry zoom and sometimes-incorrect cropping of v1.1.9 and earlier.

We recently published a comprehensive look at ShutterSnitch v1.1.8.

Update, October 5, 2010: ShutterSnitch 1.1.9 is now available.
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