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Lexar, Pretec, SanDisk announce new CompactFlash cards  
Tuesday, September 23, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
A trio of memory card makers have announced new CompactFlash cards on the opening day of the Photokina 2008 trade show. Lexar has revved its Professional 133X line to a speed rating of 233X, Pretec has announced 64GB and 100GB cards rated at 233X, plus 32GB and 50GB cards rated at 333X, while SanDisk has bumped the speed and capacity of its Extreme IV line and introduced a 32GB Extreme III.

Lexar Professional 233X

Micron subsidiary Lexar is replacing its 133X-rated CompactFlash cards with 233X-rated models starting next month. The Lexar Professional 233X 2GB, 4GB and 8GB CompactFlash cards support UDMA (up to UDMA Mode 4), for faster write and read speeds with newer digital SLR cameras and card readers, but based on their speed rating they're not intended to be as quick as the company's 300X line.

Lexar Professional 233X CompactFlash cards will include a limited lifetime warranty, free technical support and Image Rescue 3 photo recovery and card maintenance software. They are to ship in October 2008. with the following manufacturer's suggested list prices (MSRP) in the U.S.:
  • Professional 233X 2GB: US$44.99
  • Professional 233X 4GB: US$64.99
  • Professional 233X 8GB: US$119.99
Pretec CompactFlash up to 100GB

Pretec has a history of announcing huge capacity CompactFlash cards primarily to generate industry buzz, and today is no exception. The Taiwanese company has unveiled two new 233X cards, in 64GB and 100GB capacities, as well as 32GB and 50GB cards rated at 333X.

The 233X 64GB and 333X 32GB CompactFlash cards have MSRPs of US$399 and US$630, respectively, and are slated to begin delivery by the end of September, while the 233X 100GB and 333X 50GB are expected to start shipping by the end of 2008 (though it's safe to say, based on Pretec's past practices, that the 50GB and 100GB cards will be both prohibitively expensive and not widely available for purchase).

SanDisk Extreme IV up to 16GB, Extreme III 32GB

SanDisk has officially unveiled its updated Extreme IV CompactFlash line, including a speed bump and the addition of a 16GB capacity (Extreme IV is now available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions). We've written about this change to SanDisk's performance CompactFlash line earlier this month, as well as the upcoming Extreme III 32GB (which we've just begun to test; you'll see card-to-computer results for it already in the CF/SD Performance Database).
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