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New forums, moderators and rules  
Monday, April 9, 2001 | by
The last couple of weeks has brought a steady stream of changes in the forums. These changes include the addition of new forum topics, the appointing of a full-time moderator and new rules that govern the posting of messages.

New forums

Five new topic areas have been added:

Macintosh hardware - selection, use and troubleshooting. Discuss the selection, use and troubleshooting of Macintosh hardware in photojournalism.

Windows PC hardware - selection, use and troubleshooting. Discuss the selection, use and troubleshooting of Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and DOS hardware in photojournalism.

Portrait and social. For the discussion of the use of professional digital SLR cameras and related hardware and software in portrait and social photography.

Event. For the discussion of the use of professional digital SLR cameras and related hardware and software in event photography.

Industrial and commercial. For the discussion of the use of professional digital SLR cameras and related hardware and software in industrial and commercial photography.

New moderators

Mike Sturk, a seasoned digital photojournalist whose days with pixels began in 1994 with the NC 2000 digital SLR, has been brought on board to oversee the forums. He has been tasked with ensuring that the forums are a great place for professional and serious photographers to discuss their craft; he will do that by gently but firmly enforcing the Forum Rules.

Mike Sturk with aging analog camera equipment

Sturk's background as both a writer and photographer (his last staff shooting position was with the Calgary Herald for 11 years; he left mid-2000 to freelance) make him an ideal candidate to provide the kind of focus that forum regulars will agree has been missing of late. Please welcome Sturk to his new position, and go easy on him as he gets his feet wet!

Also be sure to welcome Billy Suratt, frequent forum contributor and avid D30 shooter, to the stable of volunteer moderators. He will be moderating the Windows PC hardware and industrial and commercial topic areas.

D30 photojournalist Billy Suratt

New forum rules

To keep the discussion in all the forums forums at a courteous and professional level, and to provide a framework for healthy debate, the following rules have been implemented. For additional information, see the forums announcement.

  1. Advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, SPAM, virus warnings and solicitations are not permitted. Currently, personal for sale listings are okay, only as long as they are an individual photographer selling his/her personal gear, and the for sale message is posted in the appropriate forum for that gear.

  2. Rumours about unannounced products are not permitted. The forums are for the discussion of digital cameras, hardware and software announced or in existence now, not for potentially false rumours about what might be coming, or for information that breaks a non-disclosure agreement. By all means post wish lists of what you would like to see in future products, as representatives of numerous digital product companies frequent the forums. But without exception, rumours about unannounced products are strictly forbidden.

  3. Posts that are inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, rude, mean, nasty, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law are not permitted.

  4. Be civil and courteous. See number 3.

  5. Posting of material to which you do not own the copyright is not permitted.

  6. Make sure that your message topics fits the topic of the forum. For example, do not post questions about the Fuji S1 in the Nikon D1 forum, and do not post questions that are not related to photojournalism in any of the Digital Photojournalism Forums. All the forums at are for the discussion of serious and/or professional use of digital technology. Discussions of a hobbyist or amateur nature are not permitted.

  7. Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent passage.

  8. Limit links to pictures to pictures that are no more than 500 pixels by 500 pixels. Larger pictures slow the performance of the forums too much for modem users, and make topic pages too hard to read.

  9. Only post pictures when absolutely necessary, and when they are directly relevant to the topic discussion.

  10. Don't use all CAPS in postings.

  11. Be nice. See number 4 and number 3.

  12. The Sports Shooter forum, and of course the film scanners forum, are the only area in which it is appropriate to discuss the use of film (in addition to digital technology of course. The Sports Shooter forum is for readers of Bert Hanashiro's Sports Shooter newsletter, as well as for pro photographers interested in discussing advanced sports photography in general.
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