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Server, forums software upgrade complete  
Friday, June 15, 2001 | by
The server move and forums software upgrade is now complete. The new server should enable both faster page display and zippier full-res photo downloads during peak times, as well as more reliable forums performance.

The server transition was buttery-smooth. The forums software upgrade did not come off without a hitch or two. This is because an internal server error that in, part, prompted the flurry of server and software upgrading activity in the first place, reappeared as the forums software upgrade process neared completion. After much hand-holding and assistance today from both the server host (Pair Networks) and Infopop (maker of the forums software), it looks like the problem is now solved.

Just to be sure, however, I'm going to sit tight for a couple of weeks on the forums revamp I'd planned to coincide with the switchover. The forums layout may be a bit funky in the meantime - my apologies for that. If you experience an internal server error while posting or replying to a message, please let me know at, or via the email address that appears in the error message.

The user interface for the forums has changed with the software upgrade, but not dramatically. Most members should have no problem adopting to the new format. A user guide is available:

User Guide (PDF):

User Guide (MSWord):

If you've bookmarked a forum page, note that it has probably now moved to a new location. A message should appear in your browser, informing you of that. Please update your bookmarks to point to the page's new home. The entry page for the forums can always be found here:

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