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Bibble 1.99 for Windows adds FireWire support and more  
Saturday, August 19, 2000 | by
Bibble v1.99 for Windows, posted early this morning, is the most significant advance in Eric Hyman's program for browsing, editing and batch processing the D1's .NEF RAW file format since v1.0 was released less than two months ago. Changes include basic FireWire support, batch processing of all image editing functions, background batch processing, numerous file renaming options, and even support for more than one batch processing sequence at a time on multiprocessor PC's.

Bibble 1.99 feature additions and bug fixes include:

  • Can now browse and load images straight from a FireWire-connected camera.

  • All editing functions (Color, HSV, USM, Noise, Sharpen) may be applied to previews and during batch processing.

  • Noise filter enhanced to include improved noise reduction as well as four different strength settings.

  • New histogram display in General Options for both the original and finished image.

  • Batches are now multithreaded.

  • Batch process selected files in the browser (select a file, right-click it, then choose batch).

  • Added multiple renaming options in batch processing.

  • Added thumbnails to Batch Processing dialog.

  • Added ability to batch process more than one folder at a time (most useful on multiprocessor PC's).

  • Added "EXIF Only" type to batch output EXIF image info to a text file without processing the associated image.

  • Preview window is larger.

  • Removed unused Monitor options.

  • Batch processing is now easier to cancel.

  • Fixed a bug in the "Ctrl-S" method of saving of a .NEF in which a corrupted .NEF file would result.

  • Fixed Clipping with HSV Saturation (switched to applying saturation using HLS colour model instead).

  • Fixed various memory leaks.

  • Fixed problems with monitor correction and JPEG files.

  • Fixed crashes when scrolling and zooming Preview windows.

  • Fixed a problem with the Photoshop file format plug-in loading but not working.
  • Changed scale of S & V in HSV to give finer control over result.

  • Bibble now remembers the last input and output directories for batch processing as well as the selected file types.

  • Bibble now remembers the last opened file type and the last directory browsed.

As with most new releases of Bibble, v1.99 will be fully functional for 10 days before US$75 registration is required. Bibble's price will be going up an unspecified amount once the program reaches v2.0, which is expected by month's end. V2.0 should include additional FireWire functionality too. Eric Hyman intends to turn his attention now to release v1.0 of MacBibble, as well as adding all the changes in Bibble to MacBibble.

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