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National Geographic Stonehenge cover shot with Phase One P45  
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
In a blog entry on the National Geographic website, Ken Geiger, a senior Senior Editor of Technology and Illustrations at the magazine, writes about the experience of shooting wonderful long exposure photographs of Stonehenge with a Phase One P45 digital back.

The resulting cover and inside photos, which were made in the fall of 2007, published in the June 2008 issue and represent Geiger's first-ever assignment for the Geographic, were processed using Camera Raw in Photoshop CS3. In addition, the P45's onboard long exposure noise reduction was used to keep noise at bay during the 15-minute exposures, says Geiger.

More detail about the assignment is in his blog posting. A separate gallery contains photos from the article, including several of Geiger's long exposure and other Stonehenge photographs.

Thanks to Kathy Madison for bringing this to our attention.
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