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Phase One releases Capture One 6.2  
Thursday, April 28, 2011 | by Eamon Hickey
Phase One has released version 6.2 of its raw workflow applications Capture One Pro and Capture one Express (and Capture One DB). This upgrade to these editions of Capture One enhances local adjustments, improves performance, and adds supports for raw files from several new cameras, including the Nikon D7000 (with tethered support), the Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600D and EOS Rebel T3/1100D (with tethered support), the Fujifilm Finepix X100, and a slew of interchangeable-lens compacts from Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony.

Both Pro and Express editions of Capture One 6.2 are available now in versions for Windows and Mac. The upgrade is free for users of previous versions of Capture One 6.x; a full license costs US$399/€299 for the Pro edition and US$129/€99 for the Express edition.

More information is in the press release below.

Press Release

Phase One Releases Capture One 6.2 -- free upgrade to owners of Capture One 6

COPENHAGEN, April 28, 2011 — Phase One today released Capture One 6.2.  An upgrade to the popular raw conversion and image editing software that supports both professional medium format systems and more than 170 different DSLR camera models, Capture One comprises a full digital workflow to produce beautifully detailed and richly rendered images.

Capture One 6.2 adds camera support for Samsung, Fuji, Ricoh, Panasonic, Canon, Sony and Nikon and for Phase One IQ180, IQ160 and IQ140, including tethered support.  

Features and Enhancements

-- Local Adjustments (Local adjustment of saturation and clarity; Invert local adjustments mask; Copy local adjustments mask from other layer)
-- Auto sync of XMP metadata (sidecars only)
-- Additional camera controls for Canon and Nikon
-- Improved OpenCL and 64 bit performance

Camera Support

-- Samsung NX5, NX10, NX11 and NX100
-- Fuji X100
-- Phase One IQ180, IQ160, and IQ140
-- Canon EOS-600D/Rebel T3i and EOS-1100D/Rebel T3 including tethered support
-- Panasonic DMC-GH2 and DMC-GF2.
-- Sony SLT-A55, SLT¬A33, NEX-3 and NEX-5
-- Nikon D-7000 tethered support

Availability and Pricing
Capture One version 6.2 is available now; for details please see:

Capture One version 6.2 is a free upgrade to current owners of Capture One Express 6 and Capture one Pro 6.  For the difference between Capture One Express and Capture One Pro, please see: Software/Capture-One-Pro-6/ Upgrade/Upgrade-Pro-6.aspx 

For new customers, Capture One Pro 6.2 is available via download for 399 USD and 299 EUR through Phase One’s Online and through leading professional photography dealers worldwide.  Capture One Express 6.2 is available for 129 USD and 99 EUR via

Capture One Pro 6 and Express 6 are paid upgrades to previous versions of Capture One. Upgrade prices start at 69 USD and 49 EUR, respectively.

Capture Pilot™ is a free app from the Apple store for Capture One Pro. More information is available here: software/capture-one-pro-6/ about/capture%20pilot.aspx

About Phase One   
Phase One is the world’s leader in open-platform based medium format camera systems and solutions. Phase One medium format cameras, digital backs and lenses are designed to deliver superior quality image capture and investment value. Phase One’s Capture One software helps streamline capture and post-production processes for both medium format and digital cameras. Phase One products are known for their quality, flexibility and speed enabling pro photographers shooting in a wide range of formats to achieve their creative visions without compromise. For more information, please visit Phase One at Follow Phase One on Twitter at PhaseOneWW


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