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PhotoRescue updated to v3.1.7 Build 11394  
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
DataRescue has recently released a new version of PhotoRescue, its venerable photo recovery and memory card maintenance application for Mac and Windows. Version 3.1.7 Build 11394 improves recovery of Nikon D700 and Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D RAW files, movies and, in the Windows version, corrects a caching problem when the program is run in 64-bit Vista.

In Recovery: DataRescue's PhotoRescue v3.1.7 Build 11394

Licensed users of an earlier v3.x release can update to PhotoRescue 3.1.7 Build 11394 by downloading and installing the demo. A new license is US$29; that sum nets you a bundle of both the Mac and Windows versions.

Note: While PhotoRescue is designed primarily for the recovery of photos and movies from digital camera memory cards, cards which have a FAT-type file system, it can in fact perform recoveries on other media and other file systems with equal effectiveness, says DataRescue's Pierre Vandevenne, including the file systems of modern Mac and Windows computers. The only exception they've encountered, he says, is 60+MB picture files in Mac OS X, which are stored by the operating system in a way that they've yet to fully figure out.

DataRescue has also recently released DD, a freeware program for making disc images from corrupted memory cards and other storage devices. DD is similar to the Backup Card feature of PhotoRescue 3.x, but differs in one significant way: DD can be configured to image only selected portions of a device, in the event that it's not possible to image the entire device (as can be the case with a damaged card or hard drive that becomes unresponsive every time a particular corrupted area is accessed). DD can also be set to read backwards which, says DataRescue's Vandevenne, can help avoid certain types of lockups.

PhotoRescue, as well as various other Mac and Windows data recovery applications, can read DD's disc image format (which is, in effect, indistinguishable from the format of the device that has been imaged).
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