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OS X improves support  
Saturday, December 22, 2001 | by
Avid OS X user Todd Buchanan notes that OS X 10.1.2, released yesterday, improves support for the PC Card slot in late model Powerbooks, as witnessed by him during a demo of the latest revision of Apple's Unix-based operating system earlier this week. The IBM Microdrive, and presumably other CompactFlash and PC Card storage media as well, mounts and unmounts without incident now. The icon for the mounted Microdrive, says Buchanan, is the same as that for the computer's internal drive too. Unfortunately, v10.1.2's improvements don't appear to extend to at least one external card reader. Buchanan reports that a difficulty that he first observed in v10.1.1 and his Unity Digital FireWire CompactFlash card reader persists in v10.1.2:
Since my Tibook is in the shop, I loaded 10.1.2 on my Daul G4/450 and was testing to see the CF card support via a Unity Firewire CF card reader was any better (in the past under 10.1.1, when you plugged a microdrive or CF card into it, OSX would recognize it and fire up Image Capture, but if you removed the card and immediately plugged it back in, it would fail to would have to go through unplugging the firewire reader and then plugging it back in before inserting the card....) Well, UNFORTUNATELY, it is still the same as 10.1.1 for the Firewire CF Reader...
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