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Thomas Knoll clarifies ACR support for D2X, 350D/Rebel XT  
Wednesday, April 6, 2005 | by Eamon Hickey
In a post on the Adobe User to User forums (registration required), Photoshop-creator Thomas Knoll has explained how and when support for NEF files from the Nikon D2X and raw files from the Canon EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT will be rolled out in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).

Raw format support for both cameras (plus possibly some unspecified others) will arrive in May with ACR 3.1, which will be compatible with the upcoming Photoshop CS2 but not the original CS version. So, to open D2X and 350D/Rebel XT raw files in their native format with ACR, you will need to upgrade to CS2 and use ACR 3.1.

There's a wrinkle: Photoshop CS2 will ship with ACR 3.0, which had to be finalized for CD duplication and distribution before support for the D2X and 350D/Rebel XT could be added to it. Knoll indicates that ACR version 3.1, with support for the two cameras in question, is scheduled to be available for download from Adobe's web site in early May.

Knoll also points out that users of the current version of Photoshop CS and ACR 2.4 will have an option for opening D2X and 350D/Rebel XT raw files. Knoll says that version 3.1 of the free Adobe DNG Converter (which we presume will be available concurrent with ACR 3.1) will be able to convert D2X and 350D/Rebel XT raw files to DNG format, and you will then be able to open and convert them to RGB images with ACR 2.4 running in Photoshop CS.
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