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Photographer Peter Langenhahn's fascinating composite images  
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | by Eamon Hickey
German photographer Peter Langenhahn constructs fascinating composite images of large public events where the camera's view and the background are static but dozens of human events that took place at different times are shown in a single image. For example, he built an image of a soccer/football match that shows every foul committed during the game in a single shot of the stadium and field.

Langenhahn has posted several of these images on his web site at fairly high resolution (under "portfolio>zeitwinkel") but the scenes are shot so wide (entire views of stadiums and arenas, mostly) that fine details are hard to grasp at web sizes. How cool the pictures really are is more apparent in the video below, from Deutsche Welle television, which uses the "Ken Burns Effect" to zero in on details.

A day in a single shot: Photographer Peter Langenhahn (Video courtesy of Deutsche Welle)

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