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Hensel adopts Profoto Air wireless, introduces new monolights, packs and more  
Friday, September 17, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Hensel has made a number of announcements in the lead up to Photokina 2010 next week in Cologne, Germany. They've unveiled new 500ws Expert D 500 and 1000ws Expert D 1000 monolights, 1200ws Nova D 1200 and 2400ws Nova D 2400 power packs, a new Lithium battery option for the Porty Premium and redesigned 600ws and 1200ws Porty Lithium packs.

In addition, the Profoto Air wireless remote control and triggering system is being incorporated into several of Hensel's flash product lines and the latest version of the Speed Max industrial monolight is capable of flash durations as short as 1/59,000 and can be set to flash more than 30 times per second.

Profoto Air integration

Going forward, many of Hensel's wireless-controllable flash units will be compatible with both the company's own Strobe Wizard Plus/Freemask triggers as well as the eight channel/six group Profoto Air system.

All new products being introduced at Photokina will be equipped with both radio systems; it will be possible to remotely adjust and trigger Hensel units with either one as well as mix Hensel with Profoto's own Air-compatible monolights and packs in one setup.

Both Porty L packs will incorporate the radio systems, as will the Expert D 500 and Expert D 1000 monolights and Nova D 1200 and Nova D 2400 packs.

Lithium for Porty Premium/ Porty Premium Plus

A new Lithium (LiFePO4, to be exact) rechargeable battery drawer accessory for the Porty Premium/Porty Premium Plus is promised to give 30% more flashes per charge while reducing battery weight by 60%, relative to the standard sealed lead acid battery.

The 3.3lb/1.5kg Lithium battery is also expected to deliver faster recycling, can be recharged many more times than the standard battery, is compatible with the existing charger and is certified for air travel in checked baggage.

Expert D 500 and Expert D 1000

The multivoltage 500ws Expert D 500 and 1000ws Expert D 1000 monolights feature a 300w proportional modeling light, built-in Profoto Air and Strobe Wizard Plus/Freemask wireless, 1/10 stop adjustability, fan-cooled operation, a clear protective dome over the flash tube and a stand/umbrella mount that can be relocated from the bottom to the top of the unit.

Both Expert D models have a USB port for firmware upgrades.

The Expert D 500 has a power range of 4-500ws. The Expert D 1000 has a power range of 8-1000ws. Flash duration at low power settings is said to be short, while a firing rate of up to 10fps is possible.

Hensel has also introduced the Integra 300 Mini monolight.

Nova D 1200 and Nova D 2400

The 1200ws Nova D 1200 and 2400ws Nova D 2400 power packs are similar in appearance to the redesigned Porty Lithium series but are geared more towards studio than field use.

Both Nova D models have twin output sockets that can be set for  symmetrical or asymmetrical output and incorporate built-in Profoto Air and Strobe Wizard Plus/Freemask wireless.

They also offer 1/10 stop power increments, a seven stop power range (which some lighting makers, including Hensel, refer to as eight stops of adjustability), the ability to fire at 2fps at full power, fan cooling and a USB port for firmware upgrades.

Porty L 600 and Porty L 1200

Hensel has revised its slick battery-powered Porty Lithium 6 and Porty Lithium 12, which are now called the Porty L 600 and Porty L 1200.

Revisions include the adoption of dual Profoto Air and Strobe Wizard Plus/Freemask wireless functionality, a new handle and the addition of protective strips around the case's upper and lower perimeter.

A press release also cites the AC Porty Li Mains Adapter Drawer as being new, but we're not clear if this accessory - which has been available for some time - has been reworked or is simply being reintroduced alongside the updated packs.

Speed Max

The super cool Speed Max monolight is geared towards industrial applications primarily, including firing 24/7 for about 40 million pops before the flash tube needs to be replaced. It's also capable of firing at over 30 times per second and, in its latest incarnation, at flash durations as short as 1/59,000.

It has a seven stop power range, 1/10 stop power increments and includes a Strobe Wizard Plus/Freemask receiver. The actual maximum power is a bit of a mystery, but appears to be around 400-500ws.

A YouTube video shows the speedy firing an early Speed Max model.
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