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Slideshow features fine images from the Yukon  
Wednesday, August 20, 2008 | by Mike Sturk
Fritz Mueller's portfolio contains a number of image galleries not least of which is a slideshow featuring the spectacular nature of the Canadian Yukon. Clicking on Mueller's Portfolio will take you to additional image galleries.

The Whitehorse-based photographer provided us with some technical information about the equipment used to shoot and process many of the photos on his site:

I shot the Dubai and Energy portfolios with the Canon 1Ds Mark III, Canon's latest L-series lenses and SanDisk Extreme IV and III 4.0 GB CF cards. It's heavy, but I love this camera: the colour and resolution are astounding. The Yukon portfolio was shot with a variety of equipment including the Canon 1Ds Mark III, Canon 5D and Canon film cameras with Fuji Velvia. For aerials I also use KenLab's KS-8 external gyroscope which I find removes a significant amount of vibration. I still shoot medium format film panoramas with the Fuji GX617, again with Fuji Velvia film. Recently we've been changing our digital workflow; I now rely increasingly on Adobe Lightroom, and I use Photoshop only in the final stages.

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