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Tim Burton's Corpse Bride "filmed" with EOS-1D Mark II's  
Wednesday, September 14, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Editors Guild Magazine has published an interesting article on the making of the stop-motion animated feature movie Corpse Bride. Of significance is the fact it's the first full-length movie of its type shot using commercially-available digital SLR cameras - in this case, twenty-four Canon EOS-1D Mark II's:

Corpse Bride has a surprising choice of camera for feature cinematography–– the Canon EOS-1D Mark II––a commercial digital SLR camera designed for still photography. This is a tremendous change in the state-of-the-art from five years ago, when Aardman Animations used custom-built film camera heads based on converted Mitchell cameras for the animated feature Chicken Run. The ancient Mitchells were chosen because the pin registration system was more accurate than any modern motion picture film camera. Finding that same sort of repeatable, rock-solid precision in digital SLR cameras would be a challenge.

Thanks to Steve Chernek for bringing this article to our attention.

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